The Warren County Port Commission will receive bids via an online Forward Auction from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. CST on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 for a Five Year Exclusive Recreational Use Land Lease of certain property owned by Warren County. The Bid File Number is 2018-0619PORT.



        The property consists of three parcels totaling 1093 acres. The minimum acceptable bid has been set at Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) per acre, for a base minimum bid of Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Five Dollars ($16,395.00) Parcels will not be leased separately. The land available for lease is described as follows.

  • Parcel One is North of the Port of Vicksburg and East of and adjacent to the Yazoo River Diversion Canal;
  • Parcel Two is South and West of the Yazoo River Diversion Canal and North of the Kings Point Ferry to the Southern            boundary of Lake Centennial;
  • Parcel Three is South of the Port of Vicksburg and East of and adjacent to the Yazoo River Diversion Canal;



        This project will be completed in two distinct phases as described. Individuals or groups who wish to participate in the Forward Auction must first complete Phase One by submitting certain Required Information, including proof of insurance, or at a minimum, proof of ability to obtain the insurance if the bid is accepted.  Once the required information and the bid surety have been reviewed and approved, the individual or representative of the group will be given credentials (Username and Password) to enter the Forward Auction.  A Cashier’s or Certified check payable to Warren County Port Commission in the amount of $750.00 shall be required prior to the Forward Auction, and will be considered a deposit toward the total final bid accepted. Invitation to compete in Phase Two of this project will be based on analysis of the following criteria:  Read More  View Addendum# 1, 12 Jul 2018 



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