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Reverse Auctions

In a Reverse Auction the lowest bid wins, rather than the highest — The Lowest Bidder is awarded the contract. Saving money for taxpayers by encouraging businesses to offer the best possible prices.

Electronic Bidding

A secure Internet bidding and proposal service that manages procurement solicitations. Bids are digitally signed by the vendor and held in a secure lock box until the bid opening.

Multi Item Auction

Have a requirement for a multi line item reverse auction? Give us a call and we will be happy to setup a demo for you.
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We are a full-service online Reverse Auction and Electronic Bidding marketplace where Buyers save time and money on the goods and services they need and Vendors compete and win on a level playing field.

Use of Reverse Auctions can benefit Companies and Governments of all sizes, including Federal Agencies and State and Local Government Offices. Real-time online bidding creates a competitive marketplace among your suppliers for the products and services you need.

When implemented properly, on-line auctions can complement an organization’s strategic sourcing process and help lower the overall cost of purchases as well as positively impact budgets. When implemented successfully, online bidding can generate significant cost savings!


Procurement leaders of all levels of government, private companies and global enterprises are facing increasing challenges to do more with less in today’s intensely competitive landscape where spend management is one of the key factors of survival.

Reverse auction software is a good addition to any strategic sourcing process and provides several benefits such as: Cost Savings; Significant time savings related to collection of bids from various suppliers; Benefits of discovering true market pricing including discovery of new suppliers; A more transparent auction bid process allowing suppliers to compete in real time to win the business; Increased benefit of indirect cost savings for all goods and services, generated via process automation that accompanies the implementation of a web based reverse auction software;

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